Buggin' Out (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)
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mOat - Buggin' Out (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)

Rating: 4.2 Votes: 5
Artist: mOat
Title: Buggin' Out (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)
Catalog: AREE222R
Released: 14.07.2022
Type: Single
Putting his hand to mOat's second single on Armada Electronic Elements, Rodriguez Jr. shows exactly why his unique production aesthetic is making waves in the international club circuit. From the rolling bassline to the mood-setting vocal chants, evolving arpeggios, sweeping pads and hypnotizing piano chords, this remix of 'Buggin' Out' will have listeners hooked to the point of eternal repeat mode.
01. Buggin' Out (Rodriguez Jr. Extended Remix) [05:24]

18 Aug 2022 в 01:06
уникальная продюсерская эстетика.. и не поспоришь, крутой дядька
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