Rain Onto Me (C-Systems Remix)
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Dj T.H. & Deirdre Mclaughlin - Rain Onto Me (C-Systems Remix)

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Title: Rain Onto Me (C-Systems Remix)
Catalog: DIGISOC420RE
Released: 12.08.2022
Type: Single
C-Systems put their spin on one of DS-R's most thrilling vocal anthems 'Rain Onto Me'!

DJ T.H. and Deirdre McLaughlin crafted a breathtaking release with the original track and now British / Norwegian producer duo C-Systems take control with a magnificent new version. With its striking sonics and unrivalled energy, this is a smash of a remix from C-Systems.
01. Rain Onto Me (C-Systems Remix) 03:22
02. Rain Onto Me 03:36
03. Rain Onto Me (C-Systems Extended Remix) 05:48
04. Rain Onto Me (Extended Mix) 05:58

13 Aug 2022 в 02:27
C-Systems extended remix is very beautiful, thanks a lot.
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