Need You Here
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Sneijder & Victoriya - Need You Here

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Artist: Sneijder, Victoriya
Title: Need You Here
Catalog: WAO138361
Released: 19.08.2022
Type: Single
Following his recent collaboration 'Into The Light' with Thomas Bronzwaer, Irish DJ/producer Sneijder returns to Who's Afraid Of 138?! with a euphoric cut 'Need You Here' featuring Victoriya. Building a powerful arrangement surrounding Victoriya's soaring vocals, this uplifting track features twinkling synths and hard-hitting bass, resulting in a stadium-filling creation that will energise audiences with its scintillating sound.

Sneijder feat. Victoriya - Need You Here (Extended Mix) 8:00
18 Aug 2022 в 21:49
Красиво красиво. Берем, спасибо.
19 Sep 2022 в 19:35
Ответ на: DVnosta
Красиво красиво. Берем, спасибо. Показать больше
не красиво не красиво не берем не спасибо
25 Sep 2022 в 04:06
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