Feels Like Home
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Andrew Rayel & Aidyl - Feels Like Home

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Artist: Andrew Rayel, Aidyl
Title: Feels Like Home
Catalog: FYH057
Released: 19.08.2022
Type: Single
The highly anticipated follow-up of their beloved 2021 single 'River', 'Feels Like Home' immediately showcases the peerless synergy between Moldovan DJ, producer and label boss Andrew Rayel and rising songstress AIDYL. Speaking of unconditional love and devotion on a production that oozes with heartfelt emotion and uplifting qualities, this masterpiece will surely earn its place in the hearts of trance fans from all over the world.

Andrew Rayel feat. AIDYL - Feels Like Home (Extended Mix) 6:59
26 Aug 2022 в 23:04
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