Dance With Somebody
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Freddy Be & S.o.U.L. ViBRaTioN - Dance With Somebody

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Title: Dance With Somebody
Catalog: MNS022
Released: 26.08.2022
Type: Single
01. Dance With Somebody 4:51
02. Dance With Somebody (Quivver Remix) 4:33

‘Dance With Somebody’ is an apt barometer of where S.o.U.L. ViBRaTioN’s headspace is at, letting soulful vocals, balmy swells, and hopeful overlays descend over rolling breakbeats and retro percussive arrangements. The release concludes with John Graham aka Quivver making his label debut and providing the lone interpretation of ‘Dance With Somebody’.
The UK artist has been a firm fixture in electronic music’s elite class of producers for the better part of three decades. Upon forging a long-standing relationship with John Digweed’s Bedrock Records, Quivver has also added nicely to his portfolio in recent years with releases via Selador, Songspire, Stil Vor Talent, and his own Controlled Substance imprint. Beloved on a global scale, John has left his mark around the world, headlining some of the biggest and most respected events from Glastonbury (UK) and Pacha (Buenos Aires) to his enviable residencies at Twilo (NYC) and Avalon (Los Angeles). Now, on the strength of his 2022 hit ‘New Life’, Quivver makes his Monday Social debut with a classy rendition of ‘Dance With Somebody.
The UK artist flexes his borderless versatility here, as vocals ring out in timeless suspension, while gentle percussive flurries and textural refrains sweep their way across a bed of broken beats and rebounding rhythms.
28 Aug 2022 в 19:45
Ремикс Quivver в топ 2022
28 Aug 2022 в 20:34
Всё бы ничего, но много текста. Жаль, что в релизе нет Dub или Instrumental версии
14 Sep 2022 в 22:59
Не услышал ломки, какой-то медляк. Мимо меня. Не понимаю в этом. 
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