Watching the Waves
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Dmitriy Kuznetsov & Johannes Fischer - Watching the Waves

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Title: Watching the Waves
Catalog: ABSK105
Released: 09.09.2022
Type: Single
Abora Recordings presents an exciting collaboration between the amazing producers Dmitriy Kuznetsov and Johannes Fischer. A beautiful piece entitled 'Watching The Waves'.

This uplifter starts with an energetic drive and uplifting atmosphere, mixed with rolling basslines and tuneful arpeggios. The breakdown makes you imagine you are sitting at the beach, since it delivers smooth wave sounds, birds singing, calm pianos, and a violin symphony. These elements lead to an epic melody and intense drop.

The release also includes a Club Mix with a shorter breakdown and an Orchestral Mix that turns the breakdown from the trance mix into a full symphonic composition.

Feel the nostalgic summer vibes on this tune!
1. Watching the Waves 05:12
2. Watching the Waves (Intro Mix) 04:14
3. Watching the Waves (Extended Mix) 06:30
4. Watching the Waves (Club Mix) 05:27
5. Watching the Waves (Orchestral Mix) 01:26
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