She Is My Sacrament
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Elenski - She Is My Sacrament

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Artist: Elenski
Title: She Is My Sacrament
Catalog: SUBMISSION335
Released: 09.09.2022
Type: Single
Beautiful, colorful and sacred. These are some of the words to describe Elenski's debut release with us. She Is My Sacrament is an emotionally driven uplifting production that instantly tugs at the heart strings with its enchanting atmosphere, blissful pads and heart pounding energy all mixed together with sprinkles of jaw dropping acid riffs. Music enthusiasts who are craving a club floor approved production will have found their sacrament in the form of this track.
1. She Is My Sacrament (Original Mix) 5:41
2. She Is My Sacrament (Radio Edit) 3:34
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