Night Glow
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Mabshur - Night Glow

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Artist: Mabshur
Title: Night Glow
Catalog: AEP496
Released: 19.09.2022
Type: Single
Next up on Alter Ego Progressive we welcome back Saad Mabchour aka Mabshur all the way from Morocco with his stunning third release with 'Night Glow' for release 496.

'Night Glow' is an energy charged driven by a crunching bassline and an insanely catchy theme. Boasting a terrific melodic breakdown with lots of worldly atmospherics, a stunningly warm and unforgettable top line which teases before sliding into a celestial climax.
[5:45] 1. Mabshur - Night Glow (Original Mix)
[4:09] 2. Mabshur - Night Glow (Radio Edit)
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