Destiny (Laura May Remix)
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Pervading Call - Destiny (Laura May Remix)

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Artist: Pervading Call
Title: Destiny (Laura May Remix)
Catalog: NKR053
Released: 23.09.2022
Type: Single
For our 53rd release on our Reworked imprint, we present to you, the incredible Laura May remix of the classic, Destiny by Pervading Call. Staying true the original vibe, but also adding her tech twist, Laura brings it bang up to date for the 2022 dance floors. Get ready for a peak time trip down memory lane. Huge!
1. Destiny (Laura May Remix) 03:51
2. Destiny (Laura May Extended Remix) 07:00
23 Sep 2022 в 02:46
Thanks a lot
27 Sep 2022 в 16:05
Очень неплохо*
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