Captain Future
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Dave Joy & Thomas Lloyd - Captain Future

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Title: Captain Future
Catalog: JMJR132
Released: 09.09.2022
Type: Single
Joyride Recordings presents the Hard Trance remake of the iconic 70s Science Fiction Anime theme of CAPTAIN FUTURE, recreated by Germany's THOMAS LLOYD and Switzerland's DAVE JOY.

Originally aired between 1978 and 1979, the 52-part anime series, created in Japan by Tōei Animation, was loosely based on the same-named 1940s American Pulp Magazine. In 1980 it was dubbed for the German speaking market with an all new soundtrack composed by Christian Bruhn, which is considered to be one of most recognized Sci-Fi themes in the central European region.
1. Captain Future (Extended Mix) 06:19
2. Captain Future (Radio Mix) 03:36
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