Take Me Higher (Cinematic Mixes)
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Made Of Light - Take Me Higher (Cinematic Mixes)

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Artist: Made Of Light
Title: Take Me Higher (Cinematic Mixes)
Catalog: ABCH086
Released: 28.09.2022
Type: Single
Abora Chillout presents the lovely cinematic mix of 'Take Me Higher', produced by Italian artist Made Of Light.

This song has a smooth and calm atmosphere that creates nostalgic feelings. Beautiful strings and lovely piano melodies are fused with serene drums and mesmerizing lyrics delivered by a magical voice.

The release includes an instrumental version.
1. Take Me Higher (Cinematic Vocal Mix) 03:18
2. Take Me Higher (Cinematic Instrumental Mix) 02:08
28 Sep 2022 в 03:31
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