Mystic Meg EP
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Coredata - Mystic Meg EP

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Artist: Coredata
Title: Mystic Meg EP
Catalog: JOOF450
Released: 17.10.2022
Type: EP
Our man Coredata returns with a stunning three track EP, as usual his mind-blowing music is breaking the boundaries of genres and throwing them all into his own mix making him completely unique. Some absolutely crazy production skills going on with twists and turns that will make any dance floor go crazy, probably one of the most loved artist on JOOF for this reason.
[8:06] 1. Coredata - Mystic Meg (Original Mix)
[7:43] 2. Coredata - Waking Bliss (Original Mix)
[7:37] 3. Coredata - Druid (Original Mix)

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