Root Access
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Joah - Root Access

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Artist: Joah
Title: Root Access
Label: Summer Melody
Catalog: SMLD154
Released: 04.11.2022
Type: EP
01. Root Access (Original Mix) 5:47
02. Root Access (DeeAnork Remix) 7:15
03. Root Access (Arentis Remix) 5:52
04. Root Access (Josiah1 Remix)7:59

After remixing Josiah1's Connection last year, Switzerland-based JOAH debuts on Summer Melody with a new track Root Access, alongside with remixes from debutants DeeAnork and Arentis, as well as having Josiah1 return the favour. We hope you enjoy this beautiful debut from JOAH, alongside with DeeAnork, Arentis and Josiah1!
6 Nov 2022 в 19:57
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