Infinite Space (Exeland Remix)
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Trance Reserve & Neonica & Hidden Tigress - Infinite Space (Exeland Remix)

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Title: Infinite Space (Exeland Remix)
Catalog: ABPR053
Released: 16.11.2022
Type: Single
Abora Progressive is delighted to present a stunning remix release by young talent Exeland. He has created a stellar version of 'Infinite Space', originally produced by Trance Reserve, Neonica and Hidden Tigress.

This track has punchy beats and a smooth groove fused with gentle plucks and delightful sounds. Hidden Tigress's outstanding voice decorates the song till the breakdown, which features charming pads and nostalgic melodies.

Add this progressive gem to your playlist and enjoy its feeling!
01. Infinite Space (Exeland Remix) 03:56
02. Infinite Space (Exeland Extended Mix) 05:51

16 Nov 2022 в 04:43
Thanks a lot
17 Nov 2022 в 12:11
столько авторов и че?
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