Days of Blues
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Sons Of Maria - Days of Blues

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Artist: Sons Of Maria
Title: Days of Blues
Catalog: ETC470
Released: 18.11.2022
Type: Single
Keep the press-text simple and short: Sons Of Maria, based in Zurich Switzerland, having a history of15+ years of releasing music, 200 million streams, 500k downloads, countless sold out int. shows, support from almost every DJ you can think of.
And now for those who like the unconventional press-texts: Sometimes life treats us with unforeseen benefits that enriches our lives and make us temporary happier than we actually think we can be. That phenomenon varies from individual to individual, some may have such a moment if they'd win a cruise to the Maledives and back, some would enter this state of mind if we'd hand them the keys to a brand new Ferrari and some would aim for a special encounter with a person of their choice. Whatever it is, we are always dreaming of things that seem way out of reach but still very doable and since there is even the slightest chance why wouldn't it be me? Why wouldn't it be me who hits the jackpot? Just this once. "That one time it could be me and I wouldn't ask for anything else anymore, I promise!"
Well, that's life. That's us longing for something that we're not entitled for. So most of the days we have to whether accept that we have to fight and work for almost anything or we can choose to be miserable; being grumpy and sad about everything and everyone. But deep inside of us we know that we are not entitled to make a fortune without working hard, authentic and unselfishness. The DAYS OF BLUES are not going to change the world, those grumpy days will only scare the crows away but they will not gonna make your dreams come true. So accept the truth, accept and cherish every day and make the best out of it. Whether it happens one day, or maybe never, but you can be sure you did give your very best and that will make you happy on the long run.
01. Days of Blues ................................ 03:53
02. Days of Blues (Extended Mix) ................. 05:41

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