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Infinx - Duality

Rating: 4.8 Votes: 4
Artist: Infinx
Title: Duality
Catalog: PHARMACY258
Released: 18.11.2022
Type: Single
Get ready to blast off with the latest from INFINX titled Duality. Pharmacy rising star INFINX takes us on a galactic voyage to the furthest realms of space while simultaneously exploring the inner contemplative mind through Duality. The galloping bass line and multiple psychedelic effects are enough to carry this track but the infectious melodies take the listener to the next level. Laser focused acid lines shred the sonic spectrum coming out of the breakdown giving the track a turbo boost of energy. INFINX has created an epic track and we here at Pharmacy are proud to present this masterpiece for your listening pleasure!
Infinx - Duality (Original Mix) [07:19]

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