Harmony of Tokyo
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Kohta Imafuku - Harmony of Tokyo

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Artist: Kohta Imafuku
Title: Harmony of Tokyo
Catalog: TR141
Released: 18.11.2022
Type: Single
More representation from the land of the rising sun as we welcome Japanese producer, Kohta Imafuku to the Trancespired stable.Kohta brings us something utterly beautiful here in 'Harmony of Tokyo'. A lovely, melodic yet driving intro section builds and layers beautifully up to the break - and what a breakdown! Gorgeous melodic work here with the piano in prominence underpinned by swaying strings, light plucks and lush ambience give way for a truly tremendous lead melody. The drop is worthy of the weight and ticks all the right boxes, making this track a certainty for your playlists and DJ sets.
1. Kohta Imafuku - Harmony of Tokyo (Extended Mix) 08:30
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