No Fate (Zyrus 7 Remix)
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Talla 2XLC - No Fate (Zyrus 7 Remix)

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Artist: Talla 2XLC
Title: No Fate (Zyrus 7 Remix)
Label: Dreamscape
Catalog: DS0001
Released: 18.11.2022
Type: Single
Talla 2XLC presents his brand new psy trance record label Dreamscape.

The first release coming is the brilliant Zyrus 7 aka Talla 2XLC psy trance alias remix on Talla 2XLC remake of the EYE Q classic No Fate. Fantastic atmospheric intro opens the proceedings while psy tech trance kick and pulsating bassline take the track towards the main section with first teasing short break and then the main longer breakdown with magical cinematic sounds and the unforgettable piano melody plus huge synths and drumrolls that lead the track towards its euphoric hands in the air climax full of synths and great uplifting touches. The original Talla 2XLC was huge success and now the psy trance Zyrus 7 version will expand the reach of the track to even larger audiences. It's out now on Dreamscape!
Talla 2XLC - No Fate (Zyrus 7 Extended Mix) [06:41]

21 Nov 2022 в 03:36
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