Unknown Awakening
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Zone Tempest - Unknown Awakening

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Artist: Zone Tempest
Title: Unknown Awakening
Label: Iono Music
Catalog: INM1DIGI712
Released: 21.11.2022
Type: EP
Out next in Iono Music is Zone Tempest, back with a massive two-tracker single called "Unknown Humanoids".

The first track is "Unknown Awakening" which introduce us this amazing scientific, psychedelic environment with a massive rolling bass experience, increasing the amplitude of our thoughts and carrying a good level of energy. The second track is "Humanoids", a strong tune with dynamic evolving lines, powerful kick and bassline, this tune invite us to a not human experience and will truly make you groove in the dancefloor.
01. Zone Tempest - Unknown Awakening (Original Mix) 07:16
02. Zone Tempest - Humanoids (Original Mix) 06:54
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