Mental Pain
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Terra V. - Mental Pain

Rating: 4.1 Votes: 11
Artist: Terra V.
Title: Mental Pain
Catalog: NHW153
Released: 21.11.2022
Type: Single
Back with us is the mastermind of trance. This time he takes you on a journey through a mind game where the synth is your leader. The speed and drive in the intro reveal what we are about to experience. A breakdown, so delicate followed by a build pushing us beyond emotions. The drop is one of its kind, where you reach a state of mind where trance is both the pusher and the healer.
Nahawand Recordings are excited to present Terra V. with "Mental Pain"
1. Mental Pain (Extended Mix) 07:33
2. Mental Pain (Original Mix) 04:59
27 Nov 2022 в 21:27
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