The Night Is Love
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Drobot & KSTKN - The Night Is Love

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Artist: Drobot, KSTKN
Title: The Night Is Love
Label: Basanta Music
Catalog: BSNT005
Released: 08.11.2022
Type: Single
Music should infiltrate every fibre of the body, fill it, bring pleasure. Just as sincere love does. And the best time for both of them is night.

"The night is love" is a track about this. Here you can feel the mystery of the night, the magic of love and the passion of two hearts that can continue forever.

Drobot and Kstkn poured into it a sound that fascinates and brings you closer, not only in dancing. Hypnotic melodies will touch even the most callous heart.

The artists say that it is hard to resist and not to share the whole night. Because the night is love that enchants and absorbs.
01. The Night Is Love (Original Mix) 07:09
02. The Night Is Love (Radio edit) 03:59

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