U’re Guay, Vol. 51
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Zaratustra - U’re Guay, Vol. 51

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Artist: Zaratustra
Title: U’re Guay, Vol. 51
Catalog: URGR051
Released: 24.11.2022
Type: EP
The present EP is the first work of Zaratustra toward more housy and funky atmospheres, with two tracks that share a vintage and joyful vibe.

« Down the Rabbit Hole » evokes a scene from « Alice in Wonderland ». In this fast house tune, you could picture Alice running after the White Rabbit in a sort of comic-book background. It has many different elements that don't stop surprising throughout the track: piano solos, acid, laser dives and childish flute melodies; all blending in a catchy rythm thanks to the punchy drums and bassline.

« On the Run » is a playful and merry indie dance song that evokes a reckless ride on a sunny Californian highway. Drawing inspiration from 80s music, with rock-like vocals, the track contains a variety of old-school synths, as well as hopping acid lines.
01. Down The Rabbit Hole (Original Mix) 07:50
02. On The Run (Original Mix) 07:58 
03. Down The Rabbit Hole (Tinitus Remix) 07:29 
04. On The Run (Poulper Remix) 07:41

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