We Don't Need Them
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Definitions & Alan Ruddick - We Don't Need Them

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Title: We Don't Need Them
Label: Borderline
Catalog: BORDM068
Released: 25.11.2022
Type: Single
John Dopping's Definitions alias follows up the debut collab with Andre Maier with another collaboration release, this time with Research & Development co-founder, Alan Ruddick.

We Don't Need Them takes a slightly darker, more melancholic turn vs The Gate, but still has the quality production and experimental touch you would expect, given John and Alan's backgrounds in the scene.

This release beautifully demonstrates the slightly darker sound that we would like to bring you via Borderline.
01. We Don't Need Them (Extended Mix) 07:17
27 Nov 2022 в 12:23
Классно звучит ,на фоне бесконечного однообразного аплифта
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