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Xamanist - Archetype

Rating: 4.7 Votes: 3
Artist: Xamanist
Title: Archetype
Catalog: YSEDEP158
Released: 25.11.2022
Type: EP
Out next on YSE we have Xamanist - with the 'Archetype' EP. The first track called 'Non Stop' features a deep moody bass, tribal drums, epic risers and wistful dreamy lines that captivate your mind and lift your spirit. The second track 'Future Ancestors' has a propulsive drive, penetrative stabs, monster risers, quirky sounds and magical arpeggiated lines that create a cauldron of musical wizardry. This release is quality progressive psy-trance at its finest.
01. Xamanist - Non Stop (Original Mix) [07:52]
02. Xamanist - Future Ancestors (Original Mix) [09:25]

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