Take The Day Off
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Tortured Soul - Take The Day Off

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Artist: Tortured Soul
Title: Take The Day Off
Label: Tstc Music
Catalog: 361705 2684668
Released: 25.11.2022
Type: Album
01. Take The Day Off - (4:43)
02. It's Your Turn (feat Saucy Lady) - (5:22)
03. U Live 2 Far Away - (4:20)
04. Let's Get Naked - (6:41)
05. It's Kind Of Late - (4:50)
06. When I Let You Inside - (4:38)
07. Your Body Doesn't Lie - (4:28)
08. Dancing In The Corner With My Favorite Girl - (4:30)
09. It's So Easy (feat Dannielle DeAndrea) - (4:04)
10. You're The Same - (4:38)
11. Makin' Me Better - (4:31)
12. I Wish You Were Here (feat Lisa Shaw - John Christian Urich mix) - (7:03)

22 years after making their debut alongside Alistair Collings on the 'When You Find Your Love...Hold On' 12", Tortured Soul continue to deliver soulful, summery releases that frequently blur the boundaries between house, disco, boogie, broken beat and more. 'Take The Day Off', their latest album, naturally continues in this vein, dashing between disco-seeped future floorfillers ('Take The Day Off'), slick and soulful nu-disco (Saucy Lady hook-up 'It's Your Turn'), sparkling 21st century synth-funk ('Let's Get Naked'), quality vocal house ('It's Kind of Late', 'When I Let You Inside'), horn-heavy Latin disco-soul ('Your Body Doesn't Lie') and colourful, hard-to-pigeonhole cuts that blur the boundaries between their various inspirations (the John Christian Ulrich mixed Lisa Shaw collaboration 'I Wish You Were Here').
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