Luna 9 / Falcon
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Aimoon - Luna 9 / Falcon

Rating: 4.1 Votes: 9
Artist: Aimoon
Title: Luna 9 / Falcon
Catalog: SDM097
Released: 25.11.2022
Type: EP
We're excited to welcome Aimoon to the label with an exceptional two-track EP. Luna 9 and Falcon are both led by a quiescent through an impactful beat and impressively touching melody, these records will make listeners press that repeat button over and over again and have them dance till they drop, two irresistible trance records that will flawlessly stand the test of time.
01. Aimoon - Luna 9 (Original Mix) 05:11
02. Aimoon - Falcon (Original Mix) 05:33
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