Acid Flower
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Calavera - Acid Flower

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Artist: Calavera
Title: Acid Flower
Catalog: WNR016
Released: 25.11.2022
Type: EP
WNR016 comes from Mattia Trani's academy fresh graduate Calavera, a young producer from Lecco, Italy. Starting with a residency at 19 years of age at infamous Bergamo club 'Bolgia', Calavera has since started to be a regular dj in various underground parties and raves in the Lombardia region. His producing style is taking inspiration from those hard techno and dark raves. The Acid Flower EP comes with 2 tracks, 'Acid Flower' and 'The Silence of Love' to showcase his promising talent.
01. Calavera - Acid Flower (Original Mix) [05:57]
02. Calavera - The Silence of Love (Original Mix) [04:33]

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