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Thomas Lemmer - Hope

Rating: 4.7 Votes: 3
Artist: Thomas Lemmer
Title: Hope
Label: Sine Music
Catalog: SM0236
Released: 25.11.2022
Type: Album
1.Poem 00:59
2.Arise 03:45
3.Focus 03:21
4.Never lose hope (feat. Valeska Rautenberg) 04:20
5.Hope 03:46
6.Diversity (with Christop Sebastian Pabst) 03:54
7.Take it back 04:26
8.Love me now (with Tauon) 03:24
9.Serentiy 03:55
10.Immersed (with Christoph Sebastian Pabst) 03:07
11.I could (feat. Esther Esrah) 03:39
12.Your soul 02:55
13.The power of love (feat. Tina Sona) 04:57
14.Drifted 03:54
15.The world belongs to us 03:33
16.Faith 03:27
17.Never lose Hope (Instrumental) 04:20
18.I could (Instrumental) 03:39
19.Love me now (with Tauon) (Instrumental) 03:24
20.The power of love (Instrumental) 04:57

"HOPE" - an album name that couldn't fit better into our present time. Thomas Lemmer produced the 16 tracks and four bonus tracks of the album during the pandemic. But the current events encouraged Thomas Lemmer to form an antipole with his music. His music helps to retake courage and to continue, even in seemingly hopeless situations. Thomas Lemmer proves his versatility again with "HOPE". While his last album, "AMBIENT NIGHTS", was more ambient oriented, he uses different styles like chillhop, chillstep, downtempo, pop ballads, ambient with neoclassical influences up to deep house on his current long-player.
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