Hades Can't Stop Me
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Ferry Corsten & Crowd+Ctrl - Hades Can't Stop Me

Rating: 3.8 Votes: 31
Title: Hades Can't Stop Me
Catalog: FLASH260
Released: 09.12.2022
Type: Single
Already a frequent fixture in Ferry Corsten's live sets, 'Hades Can't Stop Me' sees the Dutch electronic music icon link up with one of the scene's most exciting duos, Crowd+Ctrl. Drawing from both trance and techno with its incendiary melodies, acid salvos, infectious vocal shouts and piledriving kick-bass combo, this stadium-quivering banger is impossible to resist.
1. Hades Can't Stop Me 03:20
2. Hades Can't Stop Me (Extended Mix) 05:30
8 Dec 2022 в 21:28
Мешанина какая-то =(
9 Dec 2022 в 11:05
Мне понравилось
10 Dec 2022 в 20:43
Плотный, сочный, жестковатый. Очень понравился.
11 Dec 2022 в 03:11
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