Mosaic Of Thoughts
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Faro - Mosaic Of Thoughts

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Artist: Faro
Title: Mosaic Of Thoughts
Catalog: LGM396
Released: 06.01.2023
Type: Album
1.Primal 05:00
2.Passion 05:36
3.Surya 05:12
4.Across The Ocean 06:30
5.Land Of Faro 05:42
6.Language Of The Stars (2017 Remake) 05:15
7.Run Away With Me 05:56
8.Synesthesia 05:27
9.Saga 05:00
10.Flee 06:00
11.Heaven And Here 05:27
12.Mosaic Of Thoughts 05:00
13.A Gentle Plea 05:32

Lemongrassmusic present the 3rd longplayer album „Mosaic Of Thoughts“ by Dutch musician and producer Dennis Bonam (alias Faro). After the debut album „Shape Of Sense“ was released in 2009 Faro soon came with the 2nd album „Dreaming In Orange“ in 2010 – both albums having a long and stable success sustain until nowadays.
Now, after 12 years, Faro has decided to put out this 13 tracks album which unites some singles and compilation releases of the past decade with some fresh, unreleased works. During this long span of time Faro has managed to maintain his uniquely warm, timeless and magical sound that makes his music vibrate in such a wonderful way… Faro describes the album like this:
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зачем кидать ссылку альбома на bandcamp, если bandcamp-прослушка альбома итак встроена. которая по сути тоже является ссылкой на альбом
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