Halong Bay (Heatbeat Remix)
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Sunlounger - Halong Bay (Heatbeat Remix)

Rating: 3.5 Votes: 13
Artist: Sunlounger
Title: Halong Bay (Heatbeat Remix)
Label: FSOE
Catalog: FSOE678
Released: 13.01.2023
Type: Single
After the release of Sunlounger's Sunsets & Bonfires chill out album in 2021, it caught the attention of many producers within the trance scene, who were inspired to take these down tempo tracks and turn them into club bangers. After hearing 'Halong Bay' Heatbeat put the energetic stamp on this melodic track, we're delighted the release this one on FSOE!
1. Halong Bay (Heatbeat Remix) 03:16
2. Halong Bay (Heatbeat Extended Remix) 04:59
12 Jan 2023 в 21:09
Обложка не вяжется с бестолковой долбежкой.
31 May 2023 в 18:19
Ответ на: DVnosta
Обложка не вяжется с бестолковой долбежкой. Показать больше
Вот да, такая красивая обложка и такой ужасный ремикс. А ведь оригинал трека был очень удачным.
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