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Fen - Island

Rating: 3.5 Votes: 4
Artist: Fen
Title: Island
Catalog: TITL028
Released: 17.01.2023
Type: Single
The waves pounded against the rocky cliffs of the island, hissing like a fierce beast. The boat was still some distance away from the island, and all the sound seemed to be submerged in the fog. It was an uninhabited island, mysterious, dangerous, but enchanting. No one knows what will happen next. The sea wind whistled and puffed up the sails, taking the explorers to the unknown new world.
Producer Fen comes to the Trance is the Life label with a wonderful piece called Island, which tells us a strange and beautiful story.
01. Island (Radio Edit) 04:35
02. Island (Original Mix) 07:05
03. Island (Itro Mix) 04:43
20 Jan 2023 в 03:42
Delicious trance 5 stars, thanks a lot
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