Início, Meio E Fim
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Beulk & Paralelo 30 - Início, Meio E Fim

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Artist: Beulk, Paralelo 30
Title: Início, Meio E Fim
Label: 1db Records
Catalog: 1DB199
Released: 18.01.2023
Type: Single
'Suppose we are connected directly with time.
And that in the center of said is our thought,
Your ability to visualize what you want.
We have the ability to write history going towards the exact point of what we want.
With the thought we write the opposite,
As if we were a little further ahead of that goal, we look back and follow our direction.
Seek positivity in your thoughts,
Focus on what you really need and
Don't let yourself be overcome by the oscillation of the path.'
01. Início, Meio E Fim (Original Mix) 08:03
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