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Xiasou & Hernan Torres - Dysphoria

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Title: Dysphoria
Catalog: ASR458
Released: 18.01.2023
Type: Single
AS release #458 is 'Dysphoria' with the magnificent set of remixes - the deep yet driving and groovy take from our seasoned resident Levitone, the exceptional progressive house version from the label debutant Alberto Blanco and yet another exciting atmospheric remix of the also AS first-timer Traveltech. Each mix here offers something unique and cacthy to bring joy to every listener!
1. Xiasou, Hernán Torres - Dysphoria (Extended Mix) 6:06
2. Xiasou, Hernán Torres - Dysphoria (Levitone Extended Remix) 7:44
3. Xiasou, Hernán Torres - Dysphoria (Alberto Blanco Extended Remix) 7:32
4. Xiasou, Hernán Torres - Dysphoria (Traveltech Extended Remix) 6:48


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