Time Is Now
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Marcus Meinhardt - Time Is Now

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Title: Time Is Now
Label: Heinz Music
Catalog: HM147
Released: 20.01.2023
Type: EP
Joining the label family for the first time, the enchanting sounds of GIGEE enters the Heinz Music realm with her take on the track. Known for her energetic and big sounds, she does what she does best. While skilfully working with elements from the original, she owns her own version of it and gives it the characteristic GIGEE drive. Stripping it a bit back and giving it a nudge of grittiness, her powerful remix delivers a big dance floor sound that pushes its dancers forwards while building big momentum. The original and the remix perfectly serves us a plate with two different yet fitting tracks, both are destined to create some unforgettable moments on dance floors across the globe.
01. Time Is Now (Original Mix) 06:20
02. Time Is Now (GIGEE Remix) 06:05

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