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Moniqa Adams - Confusion

Rating: 4.2 Votes: 6
Artist: Moniqa Adams
Title: Confusion
Catalog: ABRD303
Released: 20.01.2023
Type: Single
Polish artist Moniqa Adams is back to Abora with a stunning vocal uplifter called 'Confusion', filled with attitude and energy.

This track includes uplifting drums, energetic atmospheres fused with evolving basslines, and riveting vocals combined with tuneful notes. The breakdown delivers breathtaking pads, while the magical vocal continues to capture your ears through moving lyrics and a sublime melody. All these well-knitted elements create an amazing trance atmosphere.
01. Confusion 03:48
02. Confusion (Extended Mix) 06:21
03. Confusion (Extended Dub) 06:21

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