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James De Torres - Hephaistos

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Artist: James De Torres
Title: Hephaistos
Label: Area Verde
Catalog: AVE164
Released: 20.01.2023
Type: EP
January the 20th meet a talented producer from Spain, James de Torres to deliver his release 'Hephaistos' to Area Verde.
'Hephaistos and Vulcano are the same antique god, the first one is the Greek one, and Vulcano the Rome one. The god of fire and forge, when producing this two tracks I felt like crafting something in the dark, something beautiful that needs strength and patience to give it form. Using the Serum and the Sylenth to bring those synth sounds, the atmosphere samples, it really make me feel like if a deep story is being told.'
[5:37] 1. James De Torres - Hephaistos
[5:50] 2. James De Torres - Vulcano

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