Inner Nutshell
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Mandala (UK) & Pogo - Inner Nutshell

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Artist: Mandala (UK), Pogo
Title: Inner Nutshell
Label: Nano Records
Catalog: NANODIGI309
Released: 20.01.2023
Type: Single
Mandala & Pogo break through the layers of reality one by one as their new single 'Inner Nutshell' whirls down DMT tunnels and kaleidoscopic wormholes!

'Inner Nutshell' is a perfect mix of these two artists styles, making for a deep and very psychedelic piece of music that constantly unfolds into new realms filled with tribal chants, emotive textures and gritty acid riffs.
Mandala (UK) & Pogo - Inner Nutshell (Original Mix) [09:35]

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