Ancient Portal
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Vibralium - Ancient Portal

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Artist: Vibralium
Title: Ancient Portal
Catalog: GGR020
Released: 20.01.2023
Type: EP
Galactic Groove Records proudly present the debut EP from Brazilian forest producer & label artist Vibralium.
He joined Galactic Groove Records in April 2021 & since then has been working relentlessly in the studio crafting his own unique style of forest psytrance.
Taking influences from the sounds of the beautiful amazonian forests & all it has to offer.
With several tracks already released on VA compilations for other labels & a joint track with Loom (Forestdelic Records) on the Galactic Groove eight year anniversary VA 'Morphing Soundscapes' released earlier this year, his hard work & dedication shines bright through his quality of production with every new track released.

A four track EP that takes the listener on a journey through the ancient forest portal, with each track revealing a new & exciting chapter to the story of the ancient forest.
01. Powerful Visions [07:21]
02. Ancient Portal [07:50]
03. Colored Species [07:06]
04. Aromatic Jungle [07:15]
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