Cerebral Awakening
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Monarke - Cerebral Awakening

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Artist: Monarke
Title: Cerebral Awakening
Label: Steyoyoke
Catalog: SYYK183
Released: 20.01.2023
Type: Single
Monarke, now integral pillar in the powerful realm of Steyoyoke, presents a melancholic tribute of the times. His new single, "Cerebral Awakening", is a plead to all those listening. Will you wake up?

The piece begins with a rich and cinematic "pre-intro" with full spectrum pads and lush piano chords. It immediately descends into a driving minimal low end introduction. It breaks down and winds back the desolation only to introduce the sorrowful melody and vocal. This entrancing track quite literally beseeches an emotive response to all those that will listen.

An exceptionally inspiring track, "Cerebral Awakening", delivers on all quintessential Steyoyoke high points. Immersive, melancholic, and atmospheric, this piece implores you to unplug from the matrix and mentally be free.
[6:21] 01. Monarke - Cerebral Awakening (Extended Mix)

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