Feelin' In Demand
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Renegade System - Feelin' In Demand

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Artist: Renegade System
Title: Feelin' In Demand
Catalog: OUT221
Released: 20.01.2023
Type: Single
After a short hiatus, Renegade System returns to Outburst with his energy and passion for the harder sounds fully intact. Feelin' In Demand boasts hard techno kicks, rolling sub bass, uplifting riffs, raucous 303's and distorted vocals, all kicking off with explosive impact. The Renegade is back with another future anthem!
1. Feelin' In Demand 03:32
2. Feelin' In Demand (Extended Mix) 05:51
22 Jan 2023 в 01:55
Wow that was brutal, thanks
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