Half a Century
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Misja Helsloot - Half a Century

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Artist: Misja Helsloot
Title: Half a Century
Catalog: GRTSQ167
Released: 21.01.2023
Type: Single
2023 isn't just any year to Dutchman Misja Helsloot - it's a year bursting with milestones. Not only does the year bring him his 50th birthday, it also commemorates 25 years since the very first In Trance We Trust compilation was released - which, of course, any trance head knows was mixed by the good man himself. Mister Helsloot has been in the scene for at least a quarter of a century, and as the brilliant DJ, producer and A&R to Grotesque that he is, we've got him to thank for many a highlight in our little trance journey as well. All the more fitting to have his new track out on Grotesque. With 'Half A Century', Misja Helsloot throws a contagious trancer into the swing - a party to which you're all invited.

Don't expect the 'Happy Birthday' theme here, Misja's keeping close to high energy, serving melodic trance with a bite. It's far from the average hands-in-the-air type of tune, gradually building, pulling you into its maze and serving a right pay-off that'll get any 3AM dancefloor shaken up again. Happy birthday, Misja. Here's to the next one!
1. Half a Century 03:51
2. Half a Century (Extended Mix) 07:21
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Thanks a lot
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