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Rodg & BRK (BR) - J'Espere

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Artist: Rodg, BRK (BR)
Title: J'Espere
Label: Escape
Catalog: ESCAPE021B
Released: 20.01.2023
Type: Single
RODG and BRK combine both their characteristic melodic production styles to seamlessly melt together and deliver a driving, club ready record that is filled with introspection, self-reflection and critical thinking, whilst being bold and expansive on a musical level.

ID ID utilises the original elements to create a contrasting signature ID ID remix demonstrating why he gained global success and garnered support by the likes of Solomun, Yulia Niko, Anii and Adam Ten just to name a few.
1. Rodg & BRK (BR) - J'espere (Extended Mix) 6:04
2. Rodg & BRK (BR) - J'espere (ID ID Remix Extended) 6:42

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