Another Galaxy
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Carlos Adonis & Ren Faye - Another Galaxy

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Title: Another Galaxy
Label: Vibrate Audio
Catalog: VAU124
Released: 27.01.2023
Type: Single
We're super happy to kick off a brand new year, in the hands of a promising talent and one of the future stars of trance, Mr. Carlos Adonis, teaming up with one of the revelation vocalists of the moment, Ren Faye!

When we first heard 'Another Galaxy', we realized we were in front to one of those kind of tunes that simply have it all: A massive beat, a strong bass, a hooky melody, a beautiful voice and a meaningful lyrics... What else can one ask for?

If you asked us, what's one track that describes what the main label of Vibrate Audio is all about? What's that one track that represents the sounds, the values, the memories, and the present, past and the future of this imprint? Look no further. It would be 'Carlos Adonis & Ren Faye - Another Galaxy!'
01. Another Galaxy (Extended Mix) 06:27
02. Another Galaxy (Extended Dub Mix) 05:59
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