New Horizon
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Roger Shah & Jes - New Horizon

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Artist: Roger Shah, Jes
Title: New Horizon
Catalog: ELEVATE083
Released: 17.03.2023
Type: Single
We're excited to share this huge vocal teamup New Horizon, a collaboration between 2 absolute legends in the trance scene, Roger Shah and JES!

New Horizon is a feel good uplifting trance track incorporating clever sound design and breathtaking melodies from Roger with the outstanding vocals of JES. If you liked Star-Crossed or Glitter & Gold then this one will certainly find its way to the top of your favorites playlist!
Roger Shah & JES - New Horizon (Extended Mix) [07:51]

17 Mar 2023 в 04:19
Masters at work perfect as always, thanks a lot
17 Mar 2023 в 20:24
Пятерка, ждем альбом

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