Ambient Selections Vol. 1
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BAILE - Ambient Selections Vol. 1

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Artist: BAILE
Title: Ambient Selections Vol. 1
Catalog: HY080
Released: 17.03.2023
Type: EP
1.I Really Missed You as a Friend 04:20
2.We Feel Everything That We Suffer 03:47
3.I Remember You Being Happy 03:28
4.I'm Still Waiting 04:27

Ambient music has always figured prominently into Brooklyn-based producer Reed Kackley’s (BAILE) production style. He first dipped his toe into that world in 2017 when he wrote a series of pieces for a movement-memoir by dancer/performer Natalie Deryn Johnson, titled Patient History. Over the past couple years he has begun to work increasingly more in film – composing for short films, documentaries and ad spots.
This selection of ambient works originated as part of a score for a yet-to-be-released documentary ‘My Friend Louie’. The film explores the life of Louie, a 19-year old trans woman living in Brazil, as she reconnects with her mother and brother at a pivotal moment in her life. It also details the friendship that develops between filmmaker Kyle Morrison, and Louie in the aftermath of their trip, as he works on regaining his sobriety, and she takes the first steps towards living fully as a woman.

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