Lullaby (Eor All Time Mix)
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Roman Messer & Roxanne Emery - Lullaby (Eor All Time Mix)

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Title: Lullaby (Eor All Time Mix)
Label: Suanda Music
Catalog: SND338
Released: 14.04.2023
Type: Single
One of Roman Messer's biggest vocal anthems, 'Lullaby' featuring Roxanne Emery, receives a new makeover for 2023!

Reflecting Roman's current uplifting trance sound, his brand new 'For All Time' mix of this timeless record sees him revisit Roxanne's vocal one more time. Roman's newest take updates the instrumental to be more anthemic and closer to the classic 'true trance' sound that we all know and love, with syncopated stabs of melodies soaring high in the track's sonic space. Perhaps not quite balearic, but certainly leaning in that musical direction, this version from Roman is bound to stand the test of time, as its name implies. There is a second meaning to the enigmatic 'For All Time' subtitle, one that Roman plans to reveal soon enough - but for now, his newest update on 'Lullaby' firmly stands on its own as a single release as it proves Roman's prowess in uplifting trance yet again.

Roman Messer's 'For All Time' mix of 'Lullaby' featuring Roxanne Emery is out now on Suanda Music!
01. Lullaby (Extended For All Time Mix) 06:22
14 Apr 2023 в 22:46
Not the best remix of this track but it's a good one, thanks
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