The Journey
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Grigoré - The Journey

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Artist: Grigoré
Title: The Journey
Label: Spectrum (NL)
Catalog: SPCTRM044
Released: 11.08.2023
Type: EP
Having rounded out the spring with his stunning revision of the trance classic 'Strange World', Grigoré returns to Spectrum with a new symphonic adventure in 'The Journey'. As an age old metaphor of the electronic scene and one often used to describe the most epic of DJ sets, the 'journey' became the trademark of the best in the business. Those that took their listeners and dancers to new spaces, exploring musical tangents, surprising, and delivering goosebump moments often across lengthy, but beautifully paced nights. Grigoré's 'The Journey', as its name suggests, is a perfect soundtrack for these occasions. Piano chords and an escalating orchestral melody sweep us along before we drop, to then rise again, never quite cresting its peak and leaving us wanting more. With 'Flush', Grigoré turns the dial and ramps the intensity. Firing his staccato synth line and building with shimmering chords that simultaneously drive the track forward, to continue our journey.
1. Grigoré - The Journey (Original Mix) 5:46
2. Grigoré - Flush (Original Mix) 6:30

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