[ BˈAK KˈAT ,LOG ]
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Antix - [ BˈAK KˈAT ,LOG ]

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Artist: Antix
Title: [ BˈAK KˈAT ,LOG ]
Label: Iboga Records
Released: 17.11.2023
Type: Album
It's been 25 years since the ANTIX MUSIC journey began. One world, a thousand crews, a million views. Since the release of their seminal album 'Lull' in 2003, the Strom brothers have captivated audiences and unleashed their powerful rhythms on clubs and festivals with their unique sound. Fast forward to 2023, with a vast array of releases and projects under their belts, Antix are still going strong - 25th anniversary strong! To mark this milestone Antix revisits some of the tracks that have defined their journey, reimagined by some of the most current and future voices. Each of these distinguished producers, humans and compadres have inspired and supported the Antix brothers leading them to the here and now. [ BˈAK KˈAT ,LOG ] is the first installment of the Antix 25-year release series, and features an array of versatile reworks from DJ Emok, Piet Kämpfer, Perfect Stranger, Cusp, Kasey Taylor, D-Nox & Gai Barone, John Monkman, MVMB, Phaxe and AROHA.
[6:09] 1. Antix - Forward (Piet Kämpfer remix)
[6:54] 2. Antix - The Duck Walk (D-Nox & Gai Barone remix)
[7:17] 3. Antix - The Hoard (John Monkman remix)
[7:32] 4. Antix - Cavalier (Emok remix)
[7:08] 5. Rhian Sheenan & Antix & Rhian Sheenan - Hiding Place (Antix version - Green Lake Project remix)
[7:55] 6. Antix - Free as We Are (Perfect Stranger 2021 ReRub)
[6:28] 7. Antix - Le Lascard (Cusp remix)
[6:22] 8. Rhian Sheenan & Antix & Chambers - Hiding Place (Antix Version - Phaxe Remix)
[8:37] 9. Antix - Box of Birds (MVMB remix)
[9:57] 10. Antix - Out of Sorts (Kasey Taylor extended remix)
[5:57] 11. Rhian Sheenan & Antix & Chambers - Hiding Place (Antix version - Aroha remix)

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