Humanoid Paranoid
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Airwave - Humanoid Paranoid

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Artist: Airwave
Title: Humanoid Paranoid
Catalog: JOOF484
Released: 20.11.2023
Type: Single
Genre: Electronic, Trance
Experience the return of a true legend, Airwave, a foundational figure in the electronic dance scene with a 30-year discography of iconic anthems. JOOF Recordings proudly presents this legendary artist, and it's an honor to have him as part of our family. With a legacy that has contributed so much to the electronic dance music we cherish today, Airwave is back to break boundaries once again with his scorching new single. At a heart-pounding 132 BPM, this track means business. It's a sonic journey characterized by punching beats and piercing synths, setting the stage for a peak-time masterpiece. This track has already been road-tested at festivals by none other than label boss John 00 Fleming himself, receiving rapturous reactions from the crowds. Now, it's your turn to own a piece of musical art that encapsulates the very essence of Airwave's mastery and innovation. Don't miss out on this electrifying release that pays homage to a true pioneer of electronic music. Exclusively on JOOF Recordings, seize the opportunity to own a piece of Airwave's sonic legacy and immerse yourself in the magic of his latest creation.
[6:29] 01. Airwave - Humanoid Paranoid
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